BREATH is a full-length theatrical non-verbal documentary exploring the Landscapes of Life.

This will include macro, micro and, until now, 
unseen worlds. As well as using 4K extreme slow motion and thermal imaging filming, innovative camera technology will be used to film the human body at different stages of ageing, exploring human interaction and emotion from startling new perspectives.

Away from the human body, aerial imagery is captured using a highly sophisticated gyro-stabilised Cineflex camera system mounted 
on a helicopter. This material is filmed with diverse approaches to express different moods: from the speed, height and angle of the craft, to the lighting conditions, weather and time of day.

On the ground Vision Research Phantom camera systems are used, shooting at up to 2000 frames/sec for extreme slow motion 4K and HD high detail imagery of environments such as geothermal fields and waterfalls, volatile chemical reactions and lava fields.